Mobile Development

Looking for app developers to build customized enterprise apps for businesses or consumer apps for the market? Softway Solutions, is a mobile app development company in Houston that delivers innovative mobile solutions. Our apps can boost branding and engagement, cut costs, improve productivity and generate new revenue for your business.

We house top mobile application developers whose development skills are backed by expertise in mobile app strategy creation and customized mobile phone programming for both consumers and enterprises. Let’s take a brief look at the difference between consumer and enterprise apps and how Softway’s mobile app services adapt to each approach.
Consumer mobile apps for brand awareness & engagement

Consumer mobile apps deliver engagement and brand awareness. With smartphone users re-defining the audience today, businesses leverage mobile apps to connect with consumers and thus extending services to this segment of the audience as well. To make your investment worthwhile, the Softway team in Houston offers their expertise in marketing with app store optimization (ASO) and also recommends its expertise in post launch management for high performance and continued success.
Enterprise mobile apps for efficiency & productivity

Enterprise applications are more than just eliminating all that piled paper-work. Imagine, by just making information available to employees in real-time, you could cut down on the manual redundancies and boost scope of informed decision making. Apart from streamlining complex processes, visual training apps also equip employees resulting in better productivity and increased revenue. What contributes to this revenue generation, are the decreased costs, improved sales, improved employee flexibility, improved field service response time, a competitive advantage and other external benefits like customer engagement and a list of added values to mobile app users.

As part of mobile app strategy development services, Softway’s developers determine mobile solutions through expertise in mobile architecture analysis for your app or mobile site. Softway’s collaborative process of an enterprise mobile strategy includes essential services ranging from environmental analysis and strategy consultation, to responsive testing and release management.
Starting the right conversation for an effective mobile strategy

We understand that for many of our clients in Houston, building a mobile app can be a first time experience. In order to maximize your mobile strategy for an optimal solution, apart from us asking the right questions, you providing well-thought out and speculated information can make all the difference. We’ve put together a list of key points as a guide to help you begin a productive mobile app development experience with us. We respect your time and do all we can to save you from rework costs.

Business objectives

Platforms for your mobile app launch

Mobile app design & content specifications

Mobile app security & protection

App maintenance & support

App store optimization & research

1. Business objectives

It’s important to understand your objectives and see how rolling out your app can drive your business objectives. Whether you’re building an enterprise app or consumer app, be sure of what you want to achieve and your strategy on the best way to achieve them. For example, you must be clear on the main purpose when it comes to your enterprise app. What are you building it for, business process improvement, increased efficiency, improving customer service, cost reduction, or complementing an existing online service. We can brainstorm together and work out how to customize the ideal app. Business objectives can definitely be a deciding factor when considering the ROI on your mobile application.
2. Platforms for your mobile app launch

When it comes to your consumer or market apps, research can give you insights about the platforms your audience is on. And going by the equal share of iOS and Android in today’s world, we can help you strategize which platform to prioritize and consider advantages of launching it on both platforms in parallel. We can help weigh out factors to support your decision like the overall ROI from in-app purchases, the cost factor in catering to the UI/UX especially when it comes to Androids’ diverse array of devices or the platform that does best for paid apps if you’re building one.
3. Mobile app design & content specifications

Sharing your design specifications, preferences and brand guidelines, can help us serve you better. Since a mobile app can work as a branding tool, it’s important for us to be spot on when it comes to implementing the right colour, tone, content and typography.

Consumer apps are often built to compete in the app market and being creative is what counts. It’s important that functionality is not compromised and that’s where Softway’s consumer app developers can strike the balance. Enterprise apps on the other hand are complex in terms of purpose but simpler when it comes to competition and optimization. So Softway’s mobile development experts ensure they study your business to build a customized enterprise app.
4. Mobile app security & protection

Understanding what content your app will require from users and what information you provide, informs the security requirements of customer data. Adopting security measures for your consumer app to facilitate a smooth customer experience is something you may want to prioritize in discussion with your developers. Similarly, consumer-facing apps rolled out by enterprises themselves need to be protected for their highly sensitive data. Enterprise mobile apps on the other hand host corporate data that pose a critical concern for a business which your developer should know about.
5. App maintenance & support

Remember to stay successful, an app must have certain investment on maintenance as well. Allot a budget for possible dependencies of post-launch app maintenance and support packages. It could include anything right from version upgrades, regular maintenance and other support. You can read more on app maintenance here.
6. App store optimization & research

This is something you need to consider when it comes to your consumer facing apps to beat the highly competitive marketplace. It’s important that smartphone users find you at ease on the app stores and so investing in research for the relevant keywords, titles and audience segment would be a good call to make. A successful app store optimization, which involves sufficient time and skill in keyword and market research analysis, helps gain insights into audience segments and user behaviour. This groundwork analysis results in informed decisions about the most effective marketing mediums for app marketing.
Softway’s app development services

Compatibility across major operating systems is essential for a business app to be successful today. Audiences are typically an assorted mix of customers possessing different devices. So providing a seamless experience to users across Android, Windows or iOS is of prime importance. This means enterprises like your business will now have to use a wide range of platforms to ensure apps are meeting the UX expectations across the many devices.
Cross-platform app development services

To cater to these diverse requirements, some additional mobile app development options include hybrid, React Native and Xamarin.
Hybrid mobile app

This is one of the easiest and most popular options of traditional developers. The tons of frameworks on this platform allow easy and faster builds by cutting down on development time. Softway’s app developers in Houston can build apps from scratch or within a framework, based on your requirements
React native

This new open source option is perfect for rapid mobile app development targeting both iOS and Android. This requires more than just the plain JavaScript, in which our team of mobile app developers in Houston have a hands-on experience.